3-Point Seat Belt Install for 74 Chevy Truck
3-Points for 74 Chevy Truck

If you have an older chevy truck that has no shoulder harness belts like this one or if it did and they no longer work or your doing over your interior and need new belts. Whatever your reason our three point shoulder harness belts are a very good choice. Today were gonna show you just how easy it is to install these belts.
Pictured here is the complete three point shoulder harness setup for two people. Also shown here is the hardware that comes with it. Unlike our other belts the hardware is included with the three point belts. However you can purchase with out hardware if need be.


The first thing were going to do is take the plastic trim pieces off in the area of the shoulder mount. On these chevy pick ups three point belts were an option so there will be a mounting location behind there somewhere.


Here it is, The stock shoulder harness mounting point hiding behind the trim.


Next we'lll unbolt the old belt. Starting with a ratchet to make sure we didnt break the bolt. If they are really tight you may have to work them in and out turning them out a little more each time until it's loose.


Now we must drill a hole in the trim piece so we can mount our belts. Heres Bob getting ready to do just that.


On the back side there is a hole molded into the trim piece were the hole must be drilled. We used a multi hole bit.


Here we show you one trim piece with the hole drilled for the shoulder mounting point and one that has not yet been drilled


Now it is time to unbolt the old belts buckle ends and install ours. the seat in this truck is not stock and because the whole backrest does not flip foward we have to remove the seat. Normally you would not have to do so as seen in the 84 Chevy truck install. No problem though four bolts and and a couple minutes later we were able to get at the buckle portion of the belts.


Now that the seat is out of the way we can really get at those belts. And can easily be unbolted.



Unbolt the old belts remembering to be careful not to snap bolts. If they are really tight you may have to work them in and out turning them out a little more each time until it is loose.





After you drill the hole and make sure it is big enough, you can reinstall the trim piece and bolt the shoulder point of the belt in place.

After you bolt it in place the belt has a trim piece of its own that covers the bolt. Snap that in place and that portion of the belts installation is complete.



Now to mount the retractor portion of the belts. This point also is getting mounted to the stock location. First though we must bolt the L bracket in place to give our retractor somewhere to get mounted.

With the L bracket in place and bolted tightly to the floor and the bracket that is attached to the webing in place we can bolt it all together. Just make sure that the belt is not twisted at this point before you really tighten the nut and bolt.

The other side of the webbing has this bracket attached to it. Make sure that you bolt that bracket between the L bracket and the retractor.



And bolt the new belts in. Remember it is important that you never use our retractor portion of the belt with another buckle. Even if it looks like it will work it may not hold in the event of an accident. These belts are not designed to interchange with any other belts and must be used together.



Now that the buckle portion of the belts are installed you can put the seat back in. Now it is time to do the other side.



After you repeat the process on the other side you are all done. It took us an hour to install these belts today. We have a lot of experience installing these belts yes but with the all the mounting points there and ready to bolt up, to it makes the job very easy.